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MK30B  CNC Cutting Machine(with unloading )
Model: MK30B
MOQ: 1 set
Trading  terms: FOB/EXW
Port: Foshan
Payment terms: T/T or Cash
Voltage: AC380V/50HZ/3Phase
Product Introduction

Application :

This cnc machine can cutting, drilling, engraving, milling, etc. work on   kinds of

boards,such as solid wood,acrylic,PVC board,shaving board,fireproof wood, plastic bo

ard or light metal etc.

Woodworking industry: 3D wave board processing, cabinet doors, wooden craft, non-

paint doors, screens, furniture, craft window processing products.

Advertisement industry: signs, pvc boards, double color board, logo production, acrylic

cutting, suck plastic molding, large word cutting, scutcheon production, crystal plates

, led neon groove, aperturd cutting, light box mould production etc.

开料机 样品 水印.jpg

开料机可选功能 水印.jpg

Technical Data

Working area(W×L)1220×2440mm
Vacuum pump power7.5kw(10ph)
Max unloading speed60m/min
Max working speed30m/min
Spindle power6kw×3(Air Cooling)
Spindle speed18000rpm
Operation commandG/S/T/F Gode
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