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MJX6227A Computer Panel Saw
Model: MJX6227A
MOQ: 1 set
Trading  terms: FOB/EXW
Port: Foshan
Payment terms: T/T or Cash
Voltage: AC380V/50HZ/3Phase
Product Introduction


Computer panel saws are mainly used in panel furniture factory, solid wood furniture factory,   plexiglass factory, PVC factory, plastic factory building materials factory, toy factory   etc.

"Fast, accurate, time-saving, labor-saving, high-efficiency and safety" is the biggest   feature   and advantage of this machine. It is especially suitable for the current labor   shortage situation. One automatic computer panel saw   equals five sets sliding   table   saw , and the cutting edge is flat, smooth, and not broken. This machine is equipped with a safety protection system, which is safe and efficient.

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More Details

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Technical Data

Max sawing length2700mmMain saw motor power18.5kw
Max sawing thickness110mmScoring saw motor power2.2kw
Main saw blade sizeΦ405mm×Φ80mmFinger gripper servo motor power1.5kw
Main saw blade spindle speed4800rpmHigh pressure air fan power4kw
Scoring saw blade sizeΦ180mm×Φ60mmTotal power27.7kw
Scoring saw blade spindle speed6500rpmAir consumption5-7kg/cm2
Sawing carriage forward speed0-100m/minFinger gripper numbers9pcs
Sawing carriage backward speed70m/minMin width of finger gripper25mm
Sawing carriage servo drive power1.5kw(AC Servo)Weight5000kg
Overall dimensions5200×5300×1750mm

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